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August 2018

The Anointing pt 5 – The Flow

Today we continue our series titled, The Anointing with a message titled, The Flow.  The flow is what Jesus referred to in John 7:38 as rivers of living water flowing from the inner most being of those that believe on Him.  The flow is the outpouring of the believer’s faith known as the Anointing.

anointing pt 4 – Activating the Anointing

The anointing of God is God’s supernatural power to get things done through His people.  In today’s we will look closer at the four steps believers must take to activate the anointing in our lives. Today’s message is Activating the Anointing, from our Series the Anointing.

The Anointing pt 3

Today we continue our series on the Anointing, with a message titled Christ in Us. As we dive deeper into the subject of the Anointing, it is important to remember that just as Jesus was driven into the Wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted, in the same way, we all are faced by challenges and storms that are designed to have us “Return in the Power of the Spirit”, if we face them with the Anointing.

July 2018

The Anointing pt 2

The anointing is God’s power to get His will done through His people. The number one thing on God’s list to be done is for the Church to fulfill the ministry of reconciliation, leading the people that God has placed in our lives back to Him. In today’s message, we look at how the anointing of God, equips us to change the world through the Gospel.