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July 2018

The Anointing

The term anointing is often used in the church in reference to many things. Mainly we use the word to describe a feeling or a sense that something comes from God. In scriptural terms, the Bible most often refers to anointing as God setting apart and empowering someone to accomplish a purpose. In today’s message, we will look a little closer at what Jesus referred to as anointed.

Mammon Must Fall part 2

Today Pastor Edward Anderson continues his series titled Mammon Must Fall. This is a powerful message about our Kingdom stewardship and God’s faithfulness.

Mammon Must Fall

Today we have a great message for you by ALWC Pastor of International Ministry, Edward Anderson.  The title of today’s message is Mammon Must Fall.

June 2018

The Presence of God pt 7

Today Pastor Derry continues his series on the Presence of God, with a message titled Spiritual Maturity. 
Spiritual Maturity is an often-misunderstood subject in the Christian faith.  Many times, it can be considered as the attainment of knowledge or new lev